Outfits by Cladwell

project description-

 Cladwell is a fashion and technology company that guides its customers towards a lifestyle of living intentionally with your clothing and practicing conscious buying habits. The Outfits By Cladwell IOS app was designed for users to digitally catalog their existing closet, and then be recommended daily outfits from clothing they own based off the weather in their area.

As the UI/UX designer on this project I was the lead for all product facing designs. Final designs were achieved after various rounds of mapping user flows, collaborating with engineering team on functionality capabilities, creating prototypes for user testing, and continually improving designs based off feedback. As a part of the styling team I managed our freelance team in importing clothing items into the app, as well as continually tested the apps outfit algorithm to help improve daily outfit recommendations. 



My role-

UI/UX Designer, Stylist


All designs & photography property of Cladwell.

Designs displayed here do not reflect the current design of the Outfits by Cladwell IOS app



Explore & Wireframe

Designs of a new feature would usually begin with a design sprint involving the entire team. Once ideas were gathered onto paper- I would begin formulating those ideas into wireframes. These wireframes helped me to plan out the flow of functionality for the feature, as well as to be able to present the functionality to the development team to discuss next steps. Here is a selection of wireframes that were done while designing new features for the Cladwell App.


PROTOType & test

After rounds of wireframing and creating initial digital designs - I like to get a feature update in front of some existing users for feedback. This is an example of a prototype I created to be able to guide user tests through a feature proposal for scheduling outfits for future wear. Through user interviews I'd gather feedback on the design & ease of use in order to further improve a feature design before going live.


After various rounds of design-test-improve, each feature eventually reaches its final stages to move forward to release. Here is a selection of screens that were live in the app during my time at Cladwell.


sign up.png
add item menu.png
outfit menu scroll.png
empty state.png


nav icons.png

tab & nav bar

clothing icons

clothing icons.png