Although Bose maybe known for making audio headphones of superior quality, when it comes to their branding they give off a very tech forward feeling. Although this is not necessarily a bad brand image to exude, I noticed a lot of friends had purchased a much lower quality headphone because they had been attracted to the package or the branding. Design speaks to consumers. In the world of headphones I think there is a large market of artist & creative consumers that want to buy a product that will mesh with their trend forward lifestyle.  For this project I wanted to redesign the packaging for Bose Audio Headphones to appeal to this set of consumers, without feeling entirely removed from the Bose brand identity.

PAckage design


the brand



When studying the current design of the Bose OE2 headphone I searched for the weaknesses I wanted to improve. Some of my findings were as follows:

• Plastic clamshell packaging is dated and very difficult to open. Not to mention it is an excessive use of plastic that just becomes waste once the headphones are removed. 

• The color palate used lacks in shelf differentiation. When looking at a row of products on the shelf my customer will be more drawn to something that jumps out at them.
•Typeface is very basic and uninteresting. Colors and type suggest a very ‘tech-y’ feel, targeted towards a very limited audience.

Final Presentation_2.jpg

the competition

Aspirational design analysis

These were the eye grabbing products on the shelf- these were the brands that were doing it right. 

Through studying the design of some competitive brands I picked out the design elements that I wanted to include in my re-design. 

Packaging 2_edited.jpg



Original concepts revolved around disrupting the confines of a typical box shape. After sketching out ideas I concluded that sometimes an atypical shape in packaging is actually more of a nuisance then a point of interest. So if it was still going to be a square box, how could I make it more interesting?

final concept

The idea

Bose Audio headphones create an immersive audio experience to the listener. I wanted to illustrate this experience with art, along with creating a box that could provide a secondary life to the user after removing the headphones.

When I stumbled across the "Cracked Ray Tube" project it seemed like the perfect fit. Artists James Connolly & Kyle Evans were producing images of static by breaking and disrupting the interfaces of analog televisions and computer monitors. In the process, the analog machines were producing self-generated electronic noise. Essentially the artists found a way to turn sound into art.


The package:

How it works.png
how it works_2.png

the dieline:

dieline_for final-01.jpg

the collection:

OE2i_with sleve.png