I'm A Designer.


Hey there, I'm Alison Lechlak. In 2014 I graduated from the University of Cincinnati's college of DAAP with a BS in Design. I now reside in Portland, OR working as a freelance designer.  My design interests range from print & layout design to web design and UI/UX design. Take a look through my site and reach out if you'd like to work together.

What I Do

research & inspiration

design sprint

Product design

The key to a successful product is knowing your audience and building the right product to fill their needs. I have years of experience with both web based products and designing a phone application that we once thought impossible when originally conceptualized.   View Project  >


With product design process is important. From running through design sprints to building functional prototypes for user testing, I have an eye for identifying problems and offering up a viable solution.



user test




flyers &




menu design

print design

The need for print is still alive and I'm here to help you put those thoughts onto paper. From menus to mailers or business cards that reflect your brand - If you have a need for a visually pleasing print then shoot me an email.

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magazine layout

business cards

web design

web & branding

Design matters- especially when showcasing your business to the world. You did the work to get your company afloat, now I can help you visually brand yourself to stand apart from the rest. Whether you need a full brand & logo design or just a website to accompany your existing identity, I'm here to help.

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logo design

brand Identity

color themes